Most important features

Local installation, no subscription, no follow-on costs
Free updates, unlimited validity of your version
Editing of text directly in the PDF
Editing of graphics and images
Elimination of content by redaction
Highlighting of text as if using a highlighter pen
Creation and entering of PDF forms
Merge several documents to form a PDF
Split multi-page PDFs
NEW Headers and footers including date function and page numbering
NEW Add stationery, graphic or watermark
Enabling searches to be made in scanned PDFs per OCR
Creation of PDFs from every printable application

Try PdfEditor free of charge!

The trial version contains all the functions of the PdfEditor full version, but it inserts a watermark in all edited PDFs (a backup of the original file is, of course, created). Needless to say, this limitation is not present in the full version. This allows you to try out the scope of functions offered by PdfEditor before purchasing.

Detailed feature list PdfEditor

Edit directly in PdfEditor. The result is displayed immediately in the page preview (WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get)
Drag&Drop support
You can undo actions as often as you like
Ruler feature, align objects with the grid
Create PDF documents directly and combine them into a PDF from the Windows Explorer context menu
NEW Expanded text search in the PDF or in all PDFs in a specific storage location (directory)
PDF preview for Windows Explorer
Send PDF by e-mail (MAPI interface)
Edit text, images and paths, move, delete, rotate, copy and paste, group, anchor, align, mirror, change order
Edit text directly in the document
Create multi-line texts
Align text with tab-stops
Break up text lines at the cursor
Search and replace text
NEW Improved block formation and list/table recognition
Load, save, scale and crop images, convert and mirror colour spaces and remove transparency
Edit images using an external image editing program
NEW Support and optimisation of oversized images, e.g,. scans
NEW Support for scalable vector graphics (SVG), Apple Icons (ICNS) and portable Bitmaps (PGM, PBM)
NEW Edit XMP meta data for JPEG-, TIFF and PSD images
NEW Insert multimedia content (e.g., sound, film)
NEW Add and edit hyperlinks for all objects (paths, text, images, etc.)
Tools for adding shapes: Rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, NEW triangle, NEW star, line, arrow, free hand
Edit paths, insert, move points, close path, set fill colour and line colour
Make a scanned PDF text searchable with integrated optical character recognition (OCR)
NEW Vectorisation of the images contained (conversion into paths)
NEW Headers and footers including date function and page numbering
NEW Add stationery, paper, graphic or watermarks
Insert, delete, rotate pages, set and remove bleed box
NEW Cutting tool for exact trimming (dimensions and page area)
NEW Remove empty areas (automatic trimming)
NEW Scaling tool (e.g., enlarge from A4 to A3)
Rearrange pages with Drag&Drop
Extract pages and insert them in a new document
NEW Insert the PDF document in a current document at the desired point
Edit meta data such as author and keywords
Create and edit bookmarks
NEW Assign actions to bookmarks and edit (e.g., jump to website)
NEW Create subordinated bookmarks (any number of sublayers)
NEW Show/hide, rename or delete layers and reduce to one layer
Create and save a new PDF directly in PdfEditor
NEW Improved PdfPrinter, accelerated conversion
Create PDF documents from text files, Office documents (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) as well as from more than 301 other file formats
Create PDF documents from images. Supports file types: JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, BMP, WMF, PCX, PSD, TGA, PBM, EPS. Depending on image format, with transparency and resolution
Create a PDF directly from a website
Create a PDF with integrated optical character recognition (OCR) directly from a scanner
Create a PDF from a clipboard (e.g., screenshot)
Merge several supported files into a PDF document
Attach files to PDF (embed)
Text, images and paths can be permanently and irretrievably deleted from PDF documents
Performed deletions cannot be undone after applying the redaction
NEW Search and redact (found text is automatically redacted)
Delete metadata (XMP)
Free choice of colour for redaction tool
Highlight text as with a real highlighter pen
Free choice of colour for highlighter
Add annotations in the PDF document
Edit and delete existing annotations
Two-part annotations (headline and text)
Specify the size and position of annotations
Create and edit PDF forms
Fill in PDF forms
NEW Send off forms data directly from the PdfEditor and display the result page
NEW Import forms data by dragging and dropping
Compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Reader and other PDF viewing applications
NEW Specify TAB order for form fields
Merge multiple PDF and other Office documents to a new PDF
NEW Native Merge Engine: quick merging even without an installed PdfPrinter
Specify the desired page ranges for each selected PDF document
Add additional pages from scanner
Split options:
  • into single pages
  • after page X
  • After every Xth page
  • after even number pages
  • after odd number pages
Insert/embed, delete, open attachments
Security check when opening PDF attachments (including block list)
Black & white list: specify which attachments should always and which should never be opened
Set the document view upon opening
Embed or remove page thumbnails
NEW Improved saving to optimise the file size
'Save cleaned up' to remove unused PDF objects
Optimise PDF for fast web view (linearisation)
Save PDF and attach to an e-mail
Automatic backup
Embed the fonts for optimal viewing on the target system
Open document with last displayed page
NEW Changed PDF document information is also saved in XMP meta data
Open protected documents (password and certificate protection)
Driver provided for smart card/token, encrypted documents
Encrypt PDF documents with Acrobat X compatible encryption (AES 256 with 64 rounds)
Save with password protection, reservation of rights such as printing, extraction and modification of contents
NEW Display of digital signatures
NEW New PdfPrinter 7.1 (92)
Create PDF documents from any Windows application that offers a 'Print' command
NEW Print Outlook files Attachments can be embedded as a PDF attachment and/or output as a PDF page
NEW Improved PDF creation from websites
NEW Adjustable quality for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Visio files (optimisation for print or screen)