Most important features

PdfGrabber 8.0 Home Std. Pro.
Local installation, one-time license fee (no subscription fees, no follow-up costs)
Free updates within major version, life-time license
Create PDFs from any printable application
Convert PDF to Word and TXT
Convert PDF to Excel
Extract images or convert page into image
Convert PDF to HTML and ePUB
Convert PDF to PowerPoint or Keynote
Convert PDF to DXF / CAD
Convert PDF to XML
Automation through watched folders, command line or COM interface

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The trial version includes all the features of PdfGrabber Professional, however, it randomly adds 'Xs' to the exported texts. Graphics and images are water signed. Naturally, these restrictions no longer apply upon activation of the full version.

Detailed feature list for PdfGrabber

Feature Home Std. Prof.
NEW All profile settings accessible from the main window
NEW Tesseract 3.0 for better OCR text recognition
Remote control options (command line, monitored folders, COM interface)
NEW Export of several PDFs simultaneously
Creation and export with a right mouse click directly from the Explorer
Area editor (define the area to be exported with a frame)
Page range selection per document or as a profile setting
Adobe Acrobat compatible up to version XI
Preservation and output of hyperlinks and jump labels
Output of form fields and annotations
High layout fidelity thanks to extraction and use of the original fonts saved in the PDF
Supports all left-to-right language texts (LTR)
Windows 7, 8 & 10 support (32- & 64-bit)
Switchable multi-language user interface (German, English, French)
Online updates via XPressUpdate
Profile management for saving user-defined export preferences
PDF Password Management
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Output as Word 2003, .RTF or .DocX
Real Word tables
Detection and output of multi-column layouts
Native DocX output (MS Word 2007-2010)
Automatic recognition and output of text alignments (left, right, centred, justified)
Automatic recognition and insertion of lists and list elements
Insertion of text with indentation
With output as continuous text, hyphenated words can be merged again
Feature Home Std. Prof.
NEW Improved table recognition
Recognition of real tables and insertion of text and graphics outside cells
Office 2010 support
Recognition of numbers and currencies
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Creation of native PowerPoint presentation files (.ppt as of PowerPoint 97)
Compatible with OpenOffice Impress
Extraction of interactive content, sounds and videos
NEW Different page sizes are automatically scaled to maximum page size
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Insertion of DXF curved elements, lines, rectangles and circles
NEW Compatible with AutoCAD < 2000 (R12), 2000 (R15) and 2004 (R18) Standard
PDF layer support
NEW Vectorization for (scanned) CAD files
Feature Home Std. Prof.
PDF pages as pixel or vector graphics (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, SVG)
Images contained as individual graphics (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, SVG)
Entire PDF as TIFF, e.g., for archiving purposes
Output as JPEG2000
Improved quality of display
Improved display of transparencies and colour gradients
Recognition and output in the optimal colour space (monochrome, grey levels, colour depth and transparency)
PDF to TIFF: Choice of the color space (color, grayscale, monochrome)
Feature Home Std. Prof.
HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 with CSS 2.0
Page preview with preview images
Output in eBook format ePUB
Font embedding in the WOFF format (Firefox-compatible (as of version 3.6))
Lines, vectors and images can be output as background graphics
Improved positioning of texts
Selectable page resolution
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Output in eBook format ePUB
ePUB with fixed layout
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Optional image output
Output of image information (dimensions, position)
UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1
Extraction of XMP metadata
Output of text blocks as continuous text
Continuous text output with optional merging of hyphenation
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Output of PDF pages as vector graphics (SVG)
Feature Home Std. Prof.
Selection of encoding ANSI, Unicode, Unicode (Big Endian) and UTF-8
Continuous text
Output with layout
Continuous text output with optional merging of hyphenation
Continuous text output with preservation of the reading direction in multi-column texts
Feature Home Std. Prof.
PDF merger: Merging of PDF and other documents to create a new PDF
PDF creation via the Explorer context menu
PDF creation from any printable application via a PDF print driver
Reconversion of exported documents back to PDF