PdfGrabber was installed whilst another user (with administrator rights) was logged on. You require the login data (password) of this or another user with administrator rights for this computer.

Whilst the user who experienced the problem is logged on, the following steps are taken:

In the start menu call up the context menu of the PdfGrabber link by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Select the context menu option ‘Execute as…’ In the next window, first select the ‘Next user’ option, followed by an entry for a user with administrator rights in the relevant selection box. The user password must be entered here.

PdfGrabber starts:
Open the menu item ‘Options – Preferences’. On the ‘Integration” tab, deactivate ‘Windows Explorer Integration’ and ‘Microsoft Office Integration’ in the ‘Plugins’ area and confirm this by pressing the ‘Apply’ button. Then reactivate the ‘Windows Explorer Integration’ and ‘Microsoft Office Integration’ options and close the preferences window by clicking on ‘OK’.

If the ‘Execute as…’ menu is not available, this can either be due to the operating system used or the fact that the menu has been deactivated in the network for the entire system by the system administrator. In either case, please contact your system administrator.