Convert PDFs into Excel

You want to convert PDF documents into editable Excel tables?

No problem with PdfGrabber!

The software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. It is very easy to use and works very reliably – and best of all: you do NOT need Adobe Acrobat!

Comparison: PDF to Excel (PdfGrabber)

Automatic table recognition

Recognition of numbers

Recognition of currencies

Native Excel (xls / xlsx)

PdfGrabber: Profile to export PDF to Excel

Convert PDF files to Excel (.xls)

PdfGrabber enables the conversion of PDF documents into numerous other file formats. Using the “Excel” output option, you can create Microsoft Excel tables. These can of course also be opened and edited with Apple Numbers or other office applications.

Since the PDF format itself does not contain any information on tables, software is required to change PDF content into Excel tables. To this end, PdfGrabber offers special algorithms that recognize tables based on text alignment, word spacing and of course lines and then converts them into real Excel tables.

OCR text recognition

Simultaneous export

Explorer integration

Page range & area editor

Example: PDF with tables – before and after

In our screenshot you can see the original PDF and the result in Microsoft Excel.

PdfGrabber automatically recognizes number formats and transfers them to Microsoft Excel. For example, it is possible to correctly output numbers with leading zeros without “deleting” the zeros from Excel. If desired, the automatic recognition of cell values can also be deactivated. Then PdfGrabber formats the cells in Excel as “text”.

This is of course also how it works with your own table based documents. Try it out without obligation using the trial version!

Comparison (zoom) : PDF to Excel (PdfGrabber)

Other PdfGrabber Features

PdfGrabber (Windows) VersionHomeStd.Pro.
Local installation, one-time license fee (no subscription fees, no follow-up costs)
Free updates within major version 9, life-time license
Create PDFs from any printable application
+ Convert PDF to Word and TXT
Convert PDF to Excel
+ Extract images or convert page into image
+ Convert PDF to HTML and ePUB
Convert PDF to PowerPoint
Convert PDF to DXF / CAD / AutoCAD
Convert PDF to XML
Automation through watched folders, command line or COM interface

Try PdfGrabber for free!

The trial version includes all the features of PdfGrabber Professional, but it randomly adds ‘Xs’ to the exported texts. Graphics and images are watermarked. CAD drawings are 2/3 exported. Naturally, these restrictions no longer apply upon activation of the full version.