Save PDFs with a stationery

You want to add your stationery to PDFs that you otherwise print on business paper for digital purposes? Or insert a watermark?

No problem with PdfEditor!

The software for Microsoft Windows is easy to use and extremely reliable – and best of all: You don’t need Adobe Acrobat!



Background picture


With PixelPlanet PdfEditor, you can create PDF documents with your own stationery. This is always useful if the document is not to be printed out but sent by e-mail or made available digitally.

All important image formats are supported (e.g. BMP, PNG, JPG). Of course you can also choose a PDF as stationery.

Also possible: background images & watermarks

In addition to the “stationery function”, PdfEditor also provides tools for embedding background images or watermarks.

Add any images or other PDFs to the background or foreground of your PDFs, or add a text note to the documents, such as “Confidential”, “Secret”, etc.

Try PdfEditor for free!

The trial version contains all the functions of the PdfEditor full version, however, it inserts a watermark in all edited PDFs (a backup of the original file is, of course, created). Needless to say, this limitation is not present in the full version.