1. The customer completes the form using an up-to-date Reader (functions as of Acrobat Reader X), saves it and then sends it as an e-mail attachment.

2. You integrate a button into the form via which the data entered can be sent by e-mail as an FDF file. This only contains the data and can be assigned again to a form on your computer which is then completed using this data.
To this end, add a button to your form and call up the form field properties by right clicking the mouse. Select the Action tab in the following window and add the action Send forms data. As the address, enter mailto: followed by your e-mail address.

Please note that you must enable the opening of FDF forms data files in the PdfEditor under “Options – Settings – Environment – Integration”:

3. The data will be sent via a POST action to a server script to be programmed by you. This script accepts the data and processes them (e.g., entry in a database, transfer to an application or similar). For this proceed as described under 2, but this time, as the address, enter the URL for your script or server application.

We are unable to assist you with the programming of server applications. Please refer to the relevant forums (PHP, etc.) for advice.