Edit PDF documents with PdfEditor


Edit, modify and create PDF documents

PdfEditor allows to edit and modify your PDF documents quickly, easily and in compliance with the relevant standards.

Edit text, images, objects and properties of your documents directly in PdfEditor.

In addition. PixelPlanet PdfEditor provides tools which allow you to remove content from PDFs permanently (redaction) and tools for creating PDF forms.

You can also highlight text in PDFs in any colour you like and make annotations and comments.

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Example: Modify text in PdfEditor

To edit text in a PDF, open the document in PdfEditor and then double-click the text you want to change.

Place the cursor where you want to start editing and simply insert your changes or overwrite the existing text as necessary.

PdfEditor can also be used to insert new text using the text tool.

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Modify text in PdfEditor
Change text and font properties

PdfEditor allows you to modify and adjust all important text parameters.

You can change the font, font colour, font size, font style, background colour, character spacing and character displacement under 'Object Properties'.

For additional information, please feel free to visit our feature list.

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Try PdfEditor for free!

The trial version contains all the functions of the PdfEditor full version, but it inserts a watermark in all edited PDFs (a backup of the original file is, of course, created). Needless to say, this limitation is not present in the full version.