Marking of PDF texts like with a highlighter

Highlight text in PDFs as if with a real highlighter pen on paper. Simply select the text marker tool and then move the cursor over the desired text.

Select the highlight colour. So you have a "whole cabinet" full of highlighter pens – one of every imaginable colour.

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Annotate PDF documents

The comment function is useful when you are working with multiple people on one document. Comment on texts that have yet to be revised. Size and colour of a comment can be defined individually. Annotations are represented by a small speech bubble icon in the PDF. Double-clicking the bubble allows you to open, read or edit it.

For additional information, please feel free to visit our feature list.

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Annotate within PDF documents

Try PdfEditor for free!

The trial version contains all the functions of the PdfEditor full version, but it inserts a watermark in all edited PDFs (a backup of the original file is, of course, created). Needless to say, this limitation is not present in the full version.