Redact PDF documents

PDF redaction

Permanent deletion of data and content from PDFs

If you want to permanently delete information or content in PDF documents, just use PdfEditor's 'Redaction' function. Permanently redact sensitive, confidential or personal information from PDF documents. Redacted contents can not be restored!

Using the redaction tool select all the areas in the PDF document that you want to delete permanently.

As long as you are in redaction mode, selected areas can be changed, extended or deleted. When hovering with the mouse, content within redaction areas is displayed semi-transparently.

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Apply PDF redaction

Deletes marked areas irretrievably

Only when you choose 'Apply Redaction', previously marked areas are permanently and irretrievably deleted from the PDF.

Please always make sure that you have a backup copy of the original PDFs, because even with PdfEditor redaction can not (!) be undone.

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Apply redaction to PDF
Delete additional sensitive content

META information

Delete additional sensitive information

PDF documents often contain "hidden" information, so-called META information. Applying 'Redaction' to the PDF, metadata is automatically controlled and can be deleted.

Of course, the data can also be redacted using the menu command "File - Properties".

For additional information feel free to visit our feature list.

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Try PdfEditor for free!

The trial version contains all the functions of the PdfEditor full version, however, it inserts a watermark in all edited PDFs (a backup of the original file is, of course, created). Needless to say, this limitation is not present in the full version.