Edit your PDF files

You can now finally take charge of your PDFs. Regardless of whether you want to change, delete or simply rearrange text, with the PdfEditor 2 you can make all changes directly in the PDF.

It’s almost like standard word processing so it goes without saying that you can also edit graphics and even vectors. And, of course, you can also design and complete forms.

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PDF redaction - delete permanently

For the professional editing of PDFs security is, naturally, a must. In version 2 you can also redact content, what’s more to even better effect than some secret services.

Since, after saving, all the text which has been blacked out is permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

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Add comments or mark texts

Changes to PDFs are one thing, but what if you just want to add your thoughts to the comments of a colleague spread over several pages?

With PdfEditor 2 this couldn’t be simpler. Add your comments or mark text as if using a highlighter. In addition to yellow, you can of course also select other colours.

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Merge PDF files

Your colleague sends you documents almost every day and you are starting to lose track of things? This isn’t a problem, simply merge all the documents into a single PDF.

What’s more, PdfEditor 2 is not even particularly picky. If in addition to PDFs there are also Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, these too can all be added.

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PDF OCR software - for scanned files

Sometimes PDFs are created directly from scans (by the way PdfEditor 2 can also do this). It’s just a shame that this isn’t a proper PDF and, rather, an image camouflaged as a PDF.

But help is now at hand. With the integrated optical character recognition (OCR), it is possible to enable scanned texts to be searched in. All in all, a true makeover.

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Text recognition via OCR in scan based PDF documents