Classic web links can be added via the toolbar command ‘Hyperlink’ as of PdfEditor 3. Simply select the desired element (text box, image, form), click on the hyperlink button in the toolbar and then enter the desired web address (with preceding http:// or https://) or e-mail address (with preceding ‘mailto:’). Web addresses in the text which can be recognised as such, are automatically converted by PdfEditor, Acrobat Reader and many other PDF programs into links which can be clicked on.

You can also place an invisible button behind or in front of the relevant text and assign a link to this as an action. For this set all colour values for the button to transparent.

Then right-click on the button and open the form field properties. Select the Action tab and, depending on the prompt, open either Go to a page view, Open external file or Open web shortcut. Click on Add and then enter the desired page in the current document, the path to the file or the desired hyperlink.

Then exit the form mode.