To export your PDF files as a RTF/Word file, proceed as follows:

1. Start up the PdfGrabber and select the desired output format in the upper section of the window. The software offers a number of different output formats which satisfy different requirements. To achieve your goal, select the format ‘Word/RTF Text box-layout’. All of the settings that are necessary for the most detailed possible export into RTF/Word format are preselected here.
2. In the middle section of the window select the relevant ‘Source Document’. In order to add a document to the list, press the ‘Add’ button. Select the required PDF file from the subsequent file dialogue.
3. Next press the ‘Start’ button to begin the export process. During export, a message window appears showing the latest status information.
4. Once the export process is complete, the exported Word document is opened in Microsoft Word, provided that this program is installed on your computer.

NOTE: Please note that the export time depends on the size of the document and the type of the PDF document. PDF documents that contain numerous images usually require a longer export time.