PDF converter for macOS

With PdfGrabber Mac-Edition you can convert your documents into all well-known Office formats, e.g., Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers, PowerPoint, Keynote, DXF, AutoCAD and many more. Furthermore, the images contained can be saved or you can convert entire PDF pages into an image. Conversion with PdfGrabber also works without Adobe Acrobat. Try it for yourself.

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PDF into Pages / Word

Export PDF documents and edit these in Microsoft Word or Pages…

PDF into Numbers / Excel

Convert PDFs with tables to Microsoft Excel or Apple Pages documents…

PDF into Keynote / PowerPoint

Create PowerPoint or Keynote presentation files from PDF documents…

PDF into CAD

Convert PDFs with technical drawings into CAD documents (DXF)…

PDF into images

Convert complete PDF files into an image (JPEG, BMP, PNG, Tiff, SVG)…

Export images

Export and save all the images from PDF files (JPEG, BMP, PNG, Tiff, SVG)…

Convert and edit PDF documents on the Mac

PdfGrabber opens up a range of new possibilities for processing PDF files. Rather than having to accept the restrictions associated with this format, PdfGrabber enables simple conversion into a range of other file formats. Simply edit PDF content in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Excel, Numbers, PowerPoint and Keynote. Export technical drawings to your CAD program, save complete documents for archiving as TIFF or extract all the images contained, for example, as JPEG files.

Would you like to integrate PDF files into your website? Or read these on your iPad? With the PdfGrabber this, too, is no problem thanks to conversion to HTML and the eBook format ePUB. And for professional users, PdfGrabber enables export as ASCII text for easy further processing, e.g., in databases.

PdfGrabber Mac-Edition works up to macOS Mojave (32bit).

Naturally, there is also a Windows version available.

PdfGrabber - PdfConverter


Convert PDF documents into complete websites (HTML 4.1 or HTML5)…


Export the vector information from PDF files as a SVG graphic…

PDF to eBook

Convert PDF documents into the ePUB format or into eBooks…

Most Important Features

PdfGrabber Mac-Edition
Local installation, one-time license fee (no subscription fees, no follow-up costs)
Free updates within major version 8, life-time license
+ Convert PDF to Word, Pages and TXT
Convert PDF to Excel and Numbers
+ Extract images or convert PDF page to image
+ Convert PDF to HTML and ePUB
Convert PDF to PowerPoint or Keynote
Convert PDF to DXF / CAD / AutoCAD

Prices & Versions

Free PdfGrabber test drive!

The free trial version includes all the features of PdfGrabber Professional, however, it randomly adds ‘Xs’ to the exported texts. Graphics and images are water signed. Naturally, these restrictions no longer apply upon activation of the full version.